The P&A Engineering Machining department can cope with all aspects of Precision Machining from one off fabrications to batch work. We specialise in design and development of manufactured parts to solve our customers specific needs, particularly in high speed constantly working converting machines and heavy duty plants.
We are often called upon to make emergency repairs to machines that operate 24 hours a day and to suggest ways to improve their future performance. We are complete Machining Experts and we often end up Machining custom parts to fix problems at a days notice!
We offer a wide variety of services including turning,milling, machining and grinding services to meet any needs with a highly competitive lead time and turn around. Our Machining experts are constantly tested and asked to come up with custom parts to fix complex problems, it is this that makes them some of the best Machining specialists in the country.
With over 25 years of experience in the industry you can be sure that your business is in safe hands with us. All our employees are continuously trained in order to make sure they keep up to date with relevant Machining equipment and qualifications, so in an emergency you can be sure you will get a result, and fast!
Contact us today for any  Machining advice or a quote for any of our range of Precision Engineering Services.