Whatever the Weather | Precision Engineering Services

The weather has been really unpredictable at the moment, one minute its like Spain and the next its like Iceland.

The weather can have adverse effects on factory buildings and machinery, heat expands and cold contracts, this can cause cracks in roofing or machines. A leaky roof can be a pain for electrical equipment as well.

If you’re worried about any of these scenarios, and you want to rest easy with a dedicated maintenance team to keep your factory in production whatever the weather, contact P&A Precision Engineering. We offer industrial maintenance services including a host of Precision Engineering Services such as:

  • Welding
  • Machining
  • CNC
  • Milling
  • Sheet Metal
  • Fabrication
  • Tool Manufacture
  • Machine Part Replacement
  • Plant Maintenance
  • Factory Removals
  • Factory Relocations
  • Machine Maintenance
  • Maintenance Contracts

We offer hundreds of different services to industrial businesses and the manufacturing sector. If you have any questions about anything give us a call, our friendly Precision Engineers are on hand to advise you.

We have been trading for over 25 years in the industry and carry out continuous improvements on our operations to make sure we are the best in the industry. We do this by making sure our Engineers are up to date with the relevant qualifications and we carry out method statements for every project. We also employ a third party to conduct health and safety audits to ensure we are always thinking of safety.

If you’re looking for Precision Engineering Services, give us a call today.

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