Speedy Gonzalo! | Precision Engineering Services

Hurricane Gonzalo hit Britain today and caused havoc up and down the country, cutting power to homes and businesses in England, Wales and Scotland and adding to the normal weekly stress of Britons everywhere.

When the weather is bad and it causes damage and power cuts, it can be extremely annoying for people at home but for for businesses it can be extremely costly, especially in the manufacturing industry.  At P and A Precision Engineering we understand that if your business stops production, even for a few minutes, deadlines can be missed and money will be lost.

P and A Precision Engineering offer on site maintenance services to business up and down the country. Our engineers are highly skilled and part of a continuous improvement course which means they are constantly up to date with recent qualifications. We offer anything from Precision Engineering Services like, tool manufacturing, milling, welding and machining, to industrial maintenance, and machine break down and relocations.

Contact us today for any advice or more information on our Precision Engineering Services. Our services are sure to put your minds at ease in times like this when hurricanes reign supreme!


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